5 Popular College Business Ideas For Students

College can be a fantastic time to explore entrepreneurship. If your business idea takes off, it can lead to many excellent opportunities. 1PRCNT interviewed many different entrepreneurs who started in college and ended up building multi-million dollar businesses.

Whether you’re someone interested in a few extra dollars or you want to be the next Mark Zuckerberg, all these business ideas can be started from home. 

Service industry

Starting in the service industry is a fabulous idea. The start-up costs are very low, and you can have a client on the very same day. All you need is a name and a website to get started.

The service industry will always be in demand. Someone always needs their home cleaned, or their dog walked. Pick a business idea in the service industry and get started.


Today ecommence businesses are extremely popular. Similar to the service industry, it doesn’t take much money to get started. With the help of dropshipping services like Oberlo, you can have a sale the same day.

If you’re planning to sell products that you are super passionate about, it may be a little bit harder to find items using Oberlo. Don’t get frightened! Finding products that others can’t quickly get access to can have a significant positive impact on your business. 

Video gaming

This industry is booming right now! Who wouldn’t want to play video games all day and make money by having others watch them? It’s not only the perfect business for a college student, but it’s also the ideal business for anyone who loves to sit on a couch all day.

Although this is an excellent idea, it does take a while to get started. You have to find your niche, and you have to build an audience. Finding your audience will require creativity, and you’ll have to be comfortable in front of a camera and a microphone.


Becoming an influencer seems like the norm these days. Everyone wants to be social media famous. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to become social media famous when some influencers make $1,000+ a post.

Much like the video gaming industry, you will have to find your niche. Creativity is a must, and you’ll have to be comfortable in front of a camera. The bigger the following, the more money you will make.

Subscription box

This is a nifty idea that was introduced to us a few years ago. You find products that you can bundle up together, and you send them out in a box each month.

Another major plus of starting a subscription box business is recurring revenue. Once you sell a customer, taking account you send quality products, your customers will be paying you each month on repeat.

If you’re someone that is looking to start a business while you’re in college, it’s safe to say that you have a lot of free time on your hands. This is the perfect opportunity to take a lot of risks. 

Find something that you enjoy doing and grow with it. As I mentioned earlier, you’ll never know what you will accomplish and who you’ll become with a little discipline, patience, and hard work.

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