Popular Sunglasses For Men In 2019

Sunglasses are an essential part of everyones wardrobe whether you know it or not. They are the tipping point to completing your outfit. the moment you step foot outside it seems as though all eyes are on you. Pick the right ones, you will have people looking at you like you’re someone famous. Pick the wrong ones, you will have people snickering behind your back.

We wanted to make it easier on you men to complete with those online influencers raking in tens of thousands of likes. Below is a list of sunglasses that we have put together to make your outfits complete. 

Ray-Ban Original Aviator 58mm Sunglasses

Starting off with a classic pair of aviators can do you no wrong. If there is ever a pair of sunglasses that will never go out of style it is these. You can go with the standard grey mirror lens or if you are feeling risky and want to add some color then go for it.

If you have a larger head like myself then you will want to shy away from anything that is under 60 mm. Now, if you have a smaller head that doesn’t mean you can get bigger frames as well. Large frame sunglasses are not only meant to stack on your wardrobe look but it can be for hiding a tired face. 

Oakley Apparition Sunglasses


The Oakley Apparition’s are for those days when you don’t feel like spending an exorbitant amount of time on your outfit. Pairing these with a plain grey v-neck, pair of dark washed slim fit jeans and a bomber jacket everyone will think you have your own personal stylist. With so many people trying to stand out with crazy designs and patterns you can draw plenty of attention by staying minimalistic. The saying “less is more” definitely comes into play here. 

Tom Ford Alasdhair SunglassesOh the great Tom Ford, style genius. The Alasdhair are similar to the Apparition’s with a bit more oval to them as opposed to square. This comes down to face shape. If you have a round or square shaped face then you should stick to these. Dress them up or down you can wear pretty much anything with these as long as they sit right on your face. If they don’t compliment your face structure, they will more than likely throw off the whole look of your outfit and if you are paying for Tom Fords you want to get it right. 

Gucci Aviator Sunglasses


With these aviators you will have to have more confidence in the way you wear them. Unlike regular aviators, these can’t be put on anyone to make them look better. Wearing a pair of these is like wielding Thor’s hammer, you have to be worthy. The colors of the outfit have to match just right and how you present yourself needs to all come together. One false move and you will be ending up on the wrong side of a fashion Do & Don’t list. But don’t let that discourage you, if you think you got it then go for it. There’s only one way to find out if it works. 

Maui Jim South Polarized Sunglasses


Another classic frame that can be done up or down. Whether you are going to the beach or going to brunch with some friends on a Sunday morning these can be your go-to. The polarized lenses will keep everything nice and crisp so that you can see exactly everything that you want. Have them at the front of your lineup or as your last resort, it doesn’t matter they will always have your back. Like the classic wingman you always need by your side. These are it. 

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