Brynn Tweeddale Co-Founder and Co-Owner of BXE Creative

Brynn Tweeddale, co-founder and co-owner of BXE Creative shares with us how her digital marketing agency is different from all the rest. 

Here is her Under 25 story!

“BXE Creative is a full-service digital marketing and design agency for early businesses and startups. Our goal is to provide services to take your business to the next level for a more affordable price point than traditional marketing or design agencies.

From responsive websites to product photos to social ads to branding, we do it all. Think of us as part of your team—we want to see your business succeed and grow in a collaborative way.

I started BXE Creative, a digital marketing and design agency for startups and early businesses, with my partner, Esteban Parreno. We started the company in November 2017 because we felt that both of our skills were not being fully utilized and compensated fairly through freelancing.

We had talked about starting a business before, but we decided instead of waiting to just go for it during our last year of college. Most importantly, we both value having work-life balance and freedom to travel and live our lives fully. Starting a business means that we take some personal accountability over those things.

I think the biggest challenge in owning a business is handling stress. There is no buffer between business challenges and yourself when you are the boss. There were a lot of financial challenges that we hadn’t considered before we started.

As an employee, you are often protected from these stressors, but business owners have to face these challenges head-on and try to keep a positive outlook and mindset regardless. Being a small service business, we also feel the effects or losing or gaining clients a lot more, and it directly impacts our income and hours, too.

In the next year or so, we are looking to expand our team and take on more of a managerial role in our company. We are always looking to diversify the types of clients that we work with, as well. And, we would love to never do our business taxes again. Hiring an accountant is definitely a priority!”

Brynn and her partner Esteban Parreno have created the groundwork for their agency to become one of the heavy hitters. With both founders being under the age of 25, they have nothing but time to take over the industry and they are coming in quick! 

The Under 25 section of 1PRCNT is meant to showcase to everyone that there are plenty of young entrepreneurs out in the business world making strides to better themselves and the world around them. 

If you are an entrepreneur under the age of 25 and have a story you would like to share then please feel free to email us and we would love to interview you! 

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