EOZ Icon The Absolute Best Earbuds For Under $100

We’ve all been there before. Our earphones/headphones start to act up and soon after they just end up dying. Now, we are back to square one and have to buy another pair. Since the ones you had ended up breaking or just dying out, you may be looking for an alternative, especially if you paid hundreds of dollars for them. Whether they were Apple’s AirPods or a pair of Bose or Beats these certainly do not come cheap. 

What if I were to tell you that there was a new pair on the market for less than half the price of its competitors but delivers a quality just like the others? Well, there is!

The EOZ Icon

Earlier this year we reviewed the EOZ Air which is a great overall headphone. The Icon is a massive experience in a small package. With the look mirroring many other “Stem” headphones (like the AirPods), the Icon may look like the others, but they fight to stand out in their own way.

“The EOZ Icon combines the latest Bluetooth technology and the exceptional EOZ sound signature in a compact and modern format.” 

The Icon tackles 25 hours of playtime, so while you are listening to your favorite songs, podcasts, or even movies you won’t need to recharge them. At the same time, they packed 6 mm graphene drivers into each earbud allowing for an immersive listening experience. 

The audio engineers at EOZ also came up with a patent-pending microphone that is “indistinguishable from your own phone’s microphone.” 

We put these to the test with a regular call, Skype call, and Facetime call. As we tested this indoors we noticed that there was no difference in talk quality when using a phone or the earphones. As we stepped outside to test, we did notice at times, a slight difference in quality but that was only when the wind picked up very heavily. It is completely understandable that this will happen when trying to have a conversation outside in early November in Chicago while using any type of earphone. 

Overall these earbuds are absolutely worth the money especially when you are spending less than $100 for them. If you happen to be in the market for new earbuds then we at 1PRCNT believe you should give these a shot! If you happen to own a pair we would love to hear your experience with them. 

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