How Filip Boksa Grew His Cleaning Service Business To Over $5,000,000 By 22

Filip Boksa started just like any other teenage kid, trying to find a way to make some money. As he is in his first year of college, Filip then 19, started King of Maids in Chicago with his good friend from high school. All it took was one year for him to go from broke college student to running his own successful company. He only lasted a month into his sophomore year when he decided to drop out for good and focus 100% on the business.

By 22, Filip grew King of Maids to over $5,000,000 and over 100 workers across multiple states with no outside funding, as well as been featured in Forbes, Inc., & Entrepreneur magazines.

King of Maids is a software-based cleaning platform that connects customers to maids who perform the cleanings. You may be thinking to yourself that during the beginning, they were doing the cleanings themselves. Wrong. Not once did he nor his partner ever do a cleaning. They outsourced every single job allowing them to focus 100% on marketing the company.

First, they started with a simple online booking form that opened them up to a wave of customers coming their way. They figured that no one wants to call to get pricing or to schedule an appointment. Everyone wants to know pricing right away and book the service whenever they want.

“I still remember back to the first morning when I woke up to clients booking our services overnight. It was something special, and we figured out how to make money while we were asleep.”

With all those clients they had coming in from the booking form, they ended up with another problem. Only having a booking form wasn’t going to be enough; they needed something that could help them manage everything. 

“At the end of the first year after we implemented the full software we looked back on the numbers and saw that we had saved over $100,000 by getting rid of three staff members simply because we didn’t need them anymore. This was huge because we used that money for marketing, which made us grow even faster.”

What they didn’t know at the time was they had created the perfect software for just about all service type businesses. Within a few months, they started getting email offers to buy the code for the software from other cleaning businesses as well as different service businesses overall. Instead, Filip decided to team up with the person who built the software for King of Maids to re-build it as a separate business.

They called it BookingKoala, and today it’s the Shopify of the service industry. You can go to the site, and within 60 seconds you can start your own service business. On top of that, it’s free to use.

“It just goes to show you that if you keep on working hard, doors will open themselves up for you. I never thought of building something like BookingKoala, but when the opportunity opened up, I went for it.”

Learn the four rules Filip follows when marketing and building big businesses:

1. “Keep working daily on your vision. Each day adds up even if it doesn’t feel like it.”

2. “If you want to disrupt an industry focus on long term vision when building and marketing a business.”

3. “Create lots of streams of income for your company and focus on advertising the most profitable one. Then use those profits to better your other products and services.”

4. “Think outside the box and be extremely creative. When we launched BookingKoala, we needed a way to improve our engagement, conversions, and sales. Social media is king at creating engagement, so we decided to replicate the same strategy on a website by building out a separate company called SalesHangry. We launched it, and our engagement, conversions, and sales increased. Today SalesHangry also makes us money, and we offer it for free to our BookingKoala users, which helps them get more sales. Giving it for free also increased interest, and more users started to use BookingKoala.” 

There you have it guys! I hope you enjoyed this story.

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