This Forbes featured entrepreneur shares how he grew his first business to $5,000,000 by 22


Filip Boksa, born on March 17, 1993 started out at 14 years old selling snow shoveling services door to door. At 17, Boksa began working for his father as a carpeter where he saved enough capital in order to start his first successful business.

By 22 this entrepreneur grew a company to over $5,000,000 and over 100 workers with $6,000, got featured in Forbes, Inc., & Entrepreneur.

In 2017 was named by Forbes as #12 on 17 online marketing influencers to keep your eyes out for in 2017, reaching almost 100,000 views.

My good friend Filip Boksa is here today to share 4 key tips with you guys to help you become successful.

1) Are you really in it? 

“To grow, you must have a clear mindset. You must know that growing your business is your goal and you’re going to give it all you got. If you made $5,000, don’t be afraid to spend it. A lot of people save their money and are too afraid to do anything with it. Remember “money makes more money.” and saving it won’t help you grow.”

2. If you want to make money, get a millionaire or billionaire friend.

“Finding a millionaire or billionaire friend is not impossible. You don’t need to talk to them but you do need to listen to them. Listening is key to success and a lot of successful people share their knowledge online for free these days. If you want to grow, learn from someone that did what it is that you want to succeed in.

For example; if growing a service type business is what you want to do you can get in touch with me. If you want to learn how to build an electric car, you would want to learn from Elon Musk.”

3. Know the difference between self-funded and backed by investors.

“For a company to go from 0 to millions in a few short months or years is not impossible. You can do it with $5,000 and you can do it with millions from investors, but know which one you are. Your budget is important and some companies only get 1 chance before they have to find more money to spend.”

4. If you’re not adapting you’re falling behind.

“Before I turned my marketing company into an investment firm, I learned that following a new trend is key to your success and the earlier you hop on it, the more successful you will be.

Social media is a great example of that; Whenever a new social media channel comes out, there will be a few people that will be smart enough to hop on it and grow to fame before everyone starts to join in.”

2 bonus tips for those just starting out:

#1: Start now!

“Don’t wait for the perfect moment because it will never come. The longer you wait the more doubt you will have after you learn from others how hard the entrepreneur life really is. Save yourself the trouble and start today. Next year you will be a year ahead of right now and someone that didn’t start.”

#2: Start in the service industry.

“The biggest advantage to starting a service type business is that it doesn’t require much money. You can start today and get a client as soon as tomorrow. Plus if you pick a good industry you can bring in recurring revenue every month which allows you to scale a lot quicker knowing you will have money in your bank account every month. My company will even help you for free with 24/7 support.”

Great advice from Filip and the BookingKoala team.

If you want to grow a service business, you can check out these free video guides Filip and his team put together.

They cover specifics that will help you become successful in the service industry.

You can also take a look at a blog post that Filip and his team put together on: How to start and grow a service business in 2018 for less than a $100.

Please leave us a comment. We will be bringing in more entrepreneurs in the near future with some awesome tips.

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