This Forbes featured entrepreneur shares how he grew his first business to $5,000,000 by 22

Filip Boksa started out just like any other teenage kid, trying to find a way to make some money. As he is in his first year of college, Filip then 19, started King of Maids in Chicago with his good friend from high school. All it took was one year for him to go from broke college student to running his own successful company. He only lasted a month into his sophomore year when he decided to drop out for good and focus 100% on the business.

By 22, Filip grew King of Maids to over $5,000,000 and over 100 workers across multiple states with no outside funding, as well as been featured in Forbes, Inc., & Entrepreneur magazines. King of Maids is a software based cleaning service that connects customers to maids who perform the cleanings. 

He had learned quickly that what he needed were tools to help him grow, however they came. Whether it’s a software to help automate or hiring a firm to help with marketing, this is what mattered. At the start of their journey he and his partner searched for weeks trying to find a software that would handle online bookings as well as all the other features they wanted, but there was nothing on the market that was perfect for them. That is when they knew they had to create their own from scratch.

Now with the power of a software, King of Maids is a powerhouse in the service industry that already has numerous copycats from the name to the slogans to the colors used. He has seen people are in need of what he has to offer and that is why he took the two things that made him successful and turned them into their own companies. 

He took the software that he built for himself and added all service industries so they too can grow with true automation. BookingKoala is the software that focuses on helping up and coming entrepreneurs, as well as already existing companies scale at rates that were not heard of just a few years ago. 

Now Sassy Egg, his marketing agency is not your traditional marketing company. Though they do offer packages and services focused on different marketing channels, they also offer consultations to help you get started if you still have no primary focus. He is the proof that anybody can do it if you have no money saved up and if you do, then you have his blueprint on how to do it 10X or even 100X. The proof is King of Maids, BookingKoala, Sassy Egg and many more. 

“BookingKoala was created because when I was starting out there was nothing like what I needed. Something that when my business is on there, it is completely automated or very little is needed managing it. Sassy Egg was created to help guide people who wanted to get things done right and right away.” 

We were fortune enough to have Filip put together a video for our readers on how to properly grow a profitable business from home or on the go by automating it.

It gets straight to the point and outlines the brilliance of making money online from your home or on the go using a software that does all the work for you. He also shows how it works for Sassy Egg and how the future will soon be 100% online. 

His strategy changed thousands of lives and yours can be next.

Plus, the software and Filip’s strategy costs you nothing, which makes this strategy the best one online today.

In the video you will learn 4 things:

1: How to use a recurring model to bring in money each month on autopilot.

2: How to clone a highly converting website that will make clients sell themselves without the need to call you.

3. How to sell clients at 0 cost.

4. How to automate your entire business.

“This strategy is what allowed me to work on all my other passions. I’m 25 now and I haven’t worked on that business in over 3 years, yet it makes me more money a month than most people do in a year. I am at the point in my life where I do what I want because I have figured out how to get more time out of my day. 

Most people tell you that you need multiple streams of income to become a millionaire but they do not tell you that you need to focus on one first.

Once you establish one, you use that money to build more until you are happy with your income and when done properly you can do whatever you want while collecting a nice paycheck each month.”

There you have it guys!

Enjoy the free video and please leave us a comment below.

If you want to learn more about Filip’s work, you can click here.

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