The City Of Houston

You are sitting there wondering to yourself, when am I finally gonna get some me time? A vacation perhaps? Where should I go? What will I do? Well, if these thoughts have ever crossed your mind we made it easier for you to decide. You make a list of places you want to go but you don’t know which city to choose, and how do you pick the right one?

Now you make a list of things to look for in a city. For example, what kind of history does the city have, who are the majority of people that live there, what are the most popular places to sightsee, where should I go to dine and lastly, what are the most exciting sports franchises?

Ok great, now that you have those questions figured out there is only one more to ask yourself and answer. Where will I stay? If you don’t want to spend a lot of money then AirBnb should be your first thought. If you wan to be an AirBnb rockstar and use it more often, then you should look into hiring a cleaning service. This will make your renter a lot happier because they wont have to find someone to do it! 


Houston was founded in 1836 when brothers Augustus Chapman Allen and John Kirby Allen ran an advertisement in the Telegraph and Texas Register for the “Town of Houston.” Even though Houston began as a political town in the nineteenth century, its livelihood depended upon cotton and commerce. The Texas government decided to abandon Houston for the city of Austin in the year 1839. That is when the city of Houston settled into agriculture. 

Because of an oil boom in the 1970s, construction was able to take off and the skyline of Houston had transformed into a pinnacle of modern architecture. By 1987, it became home to seven of the state’s ten tallest buildings. There was another construction boom that started in the mid-2000s. By 2016, the city had over 350 high rises and had more than 45 skyscrapers that were well over 400 feet tall. 


  • White: 58.50%
  • Black or African American: 22.88%
  • Other race: 9.54%
  • Asian: 6.68%
  • Two or more races: 2.02%
  • Native American: 0.34%
  • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0.05%

Popular Places To Visit

When in Rome, we really mean Houston, do as the Houstonians do! That is visit all the places that they have been to a few times already and just let the tourists go and have their fun. With that being said you must go to the Johnson Space Center. If you have ever seen the movie Apollo 13, then you will know the famous line “Houston, we have a problem”. The astronauts in that movie were talking to mission control at this center.

If space is not your thing, then you will might want to check out the Houston Museum of Natural Science. You can see a lot of cool dinosaur fossils or head over to the gem vault and see rubies and sapphires. If you want to spend the day in the great outdoors smelling fresh air and taking in birds chirping then you should go to Buffalo Bayou. Its a free to go and you can spend the day relaxing in the sun!


Theres nothing better than going to visit a stadium or ball park in another city. If you time your trip right you can potentially even see your favorite team play against the team of the city you are visiting. In Houston, you have the Astros baseball team, the Rockets basketball team and the Texans football team. Each team has a great set of players and are all enjoyable to watch play the game. 


Houston is that town where you know you will find a hidden gem of a restaurant. The food is out of this world. H-Town brings its A-game and doesn’t mess around. Whether you are getting chicken and waffles from The Breakfast Klub or beignets at Chez Beignets, your taste buds will cry of joy. Once you start it is almost impossible to stop! 

Here are three restaurant recommendations we suggest you try out! 

The Breakfast Klub

You better make sure to get here early because even before the doors open there is a long line waiting to get in. The Breakfast Klub was opened in September of 2001, since then it has been a major tourist attraction. It was rated the best breakfast place in America by Good Morning America, USA Today, Esquire Magazine, and Forbes Magazine. So if you have a breakfast craving you better get here real early. 

Chez Beignets

Chez Beignets is for all those sweet tooth lovers in the world. If you are looking for the fluffiest fried dough pillows you can find outside of New Orleans, you found it. You can spot elderly Vietnamese people chatting and munching away on these blissful beignets late into the night, so don’t hesitate to bring yourself and your crew in for a midnight snack.

Fat Bao

In December of 2012, Fat Bao opened its doors for the first time and saw nothing but success. Fat Bao is known for their little steamed bun purses, which are rich in fillings. Pair pork belly baos with a side of curry fries for a full foodie experience. Your heart, stomach and most importantly your taste buds will love you forever. 

H-town knows how to party. They have the sights, they have the sports and most importantly they have the food. So the next time you are thinking about hopping in your car and driving to wherever or deciding to just buy a play ticket to wherever, make that wherever Houston. You will not regret a second of it! 

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