Ideas For Making Money During Hard Times!

Have you ever been stuck on hard times and couldn’t get allowance money or were just flat out broke? There is no need to worry anymore because after reading this you will have discovered 5 easy ideas for making money. Some of these may come off as no brainers but some have caught us off guard; so much so that we thought to share with our readers and hopefully set them up with an additional income stream.

It doesn’t matter if you are a college dropout, single parent, grandfather thats looking to travel the globe, etc. This list is for you if you want to make some additional money on the side or even full time! We all have a fair shot of earning what we deserve.

5. Uber

Now when beginning to discuss ideas for making money you have to include Uber. Singlehandedly, Uber served as the flagship platform that allowed the go-getters and entrepreneurs alike to supplement their income without taking the role of their main income. If you have a car that is at least a 2001 or newer you can sign up today and begin driving by the end of the week.

Uber even offers a sweet deal by helping you finance a car if you don’t have one.

4. Wag

This application is quite unknown to most people, but it can do some damage. Wag is similar to Uber but  the only difference is (which is a huge difference) that your home/car will be ruled by pets. Some may not jump at the offer but some waggers have recorded to be making up to 25/hour. Thats not so bad for when the times are rough. For further details check out the app here.

3. Popular Pays

Popular pays started off in the Chicago market as an app that believed in the putting the power back into the influencers hand. Literally, if are you a monster on social media, you can earn some serious coin by using popular pays. The jig is that you will create some digital content for the brand who is hosting the campaign via popular pays and enter to win some serious side money. For more information check out popular pays here.

2. Letgo

Now things may be rough and if all else fails lets hope you spent your money on things that increased in value over time. The app called Letgo is a marketplace where you can buy, sell, or even trade local goods for prices that are reasonable. This application makes sure that the people you are selling/trading with are verified so there is no need to worry. So if you have some vintage items lounging around, this is the go to place to set them free and earn some easy cash.

1. Become a Tutor

Now, say you are a math wiz or you’re fluent in Spanish, either way it goes people will pay top dollar to be taught a certain skill set. As long as you are professional and can present yourself in a promising manner you can start using those skills you’ve been taught to help someone else ace their next test! Becoming a tutor is easier than most expect, you can check for many programs locally (local university, high school etc) or you can use a third party service to showcase your skills such as (Craigslist, thumbtack, lance etc).

To conclude, times are hard and life is short, this list will be updated and more items will get added in the future. If you have alternative suggestions or ideas to making money in dire times (legally) then leave a comment and don’t forget to share with a friend!

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