Luxury Tiny Homes: They’re Not So Cheap Anymore

You know a movement becomes popular when it lands on HGTV. They now have eight shows dedicated to Tiny Houses. “Tiny House, Big Living” is their number one show tiny house show. They launched a new show, “Tiny Paradise”, which is gaining in popularity.

Tiny houses are becoming increasingly popular. The more popular they become, the more luxurious they get. From expensive to famous, check out these incredible Tiny Houses.

Most Expensive Tiny Houses

Bethesda, Maryland is home to one of the most expensive Tiny House. Priced at $475,000 you can own this 315-square-foot home. Possibly one of the first tiny houses built, it was first a substation. Its conversion into a tiny house took place in 1980. Zillow shows a listing removal of July 2017. Apparently no takers on this expensive tiny house.

The historic adobe retreat in Santa Barbara, California sold for $525,000 in 2016. It has a livable space of 510 square feet. It is only 1 of 3 remaining homes from the famed Mountain Drive Artist Colony.

The Bensonhurst area of Brooklyn, New York has a tiny house that sold for $405,000 in 2016. It has an unbelievable living space of only 180 square feet. The Zillow description states it still needs work.

Famous Tiny Houses

Vincent Kartheiser is the winner of tiny house Hollywood. The Mad Men actor livable space totals 603 square feet. Vincent worked closely with designer Funn Robert to redesign the home in 2010. The actor listed and sold the home in 2016 for $729,000.

Another actor, Seth Numrich, has really embraced the tiny house movement. HGTV featured him on Tiny House Big Living. The episode titled “Traveling Actor’s Tiny House.” Seth partnered with a local meetup group in Richmond, Virginia. As an actor, Seth travels a lot and wanted a more “home” feeling when he arrived at filming locations.

In the hill country of Texas, Football star Deion Sanders built his tiny house. This 600 square-foot home in Cedar Hill, Texas boasts more deck space than livable space. The builder Weisbarth says “Sanders’ tiny house is the most luxurious he’s built.” The tiny house offers a spacious bedroom, spa like bathroom, home theater, and more—all of it controlled by a smartphone, no less.

Popular Tiny Houses

Greenmoxie made a huge splash through the tiny house community. This 340 square-foot home features a draw-bridge. It is a completely off-grid design. The starting price is $65,000.

The Alpha by tiny house designers New Frontier is their luxury model. This 240 square-foot home features a glass garage door that opens to a deck. The coolest feature is the hidden 8-person dining table and bench storage and seating. The bathroom is large and includes a washing machine. The starting price is $79,000.

My favorite is this 260 square-foot cottage near the Northern California coastline. Richardson Architects’ Inverness Bathhouse design embraces a fun, whimsical and practical character that evokes the rural quality of life. It was built using non-corrosive and wear-resistant materials including galvanized sheet metal, sealed board and batt siding, painted plywood and MDO board.

These are just a few of the new luxury tiny homes listings. With their growing popularity, I’m sure we will see even bigger Tiny Houses.

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