The Next Generation Of Earbuds: EOZ AIR

Headphones, earphones, ear pods whatever you call them they are a must have in our lives. Music can be used as an escape from reality and when you want to be fully immersed in that escape you want something that will give you the best possible experience.

For the last 14 days we have been testing out a pair of true wireless earphones that have recently hit the market and has been making some noise. EOZ Audio has created the EOZ Air to bring to he market a pair of headphones that are sleek, sexy and affordable. As a consumer those are only some of the things that we look at when buying a pair of earphones. At a price point of $109 they are worthy of being in discussion of your next tech purchase.

What comes with your purchase? 

  • EOZ Air Earbuds
  • 3 sizes of memory foam tips
  • 3 sizes of silicone tips
  • Charging case
  • Charging cable
  • Vegan leather strap
  • EOZ membership card
  • EOZ user manual


The Design:

EOZ Air Earbuds are built from a combination of nano-coated ABS plastic and aluminum. This combination allows for a very durable build but at the same time it is extremely lightweight, giving you a best of both worlds.

The Air’s surface is covered with a special protective nano coating, making sure that these bad boys can supply you with your sound even if they get wet. Thats right they are waterproof! They are safe from sweat, rain, and similar sources of wetness. Even though they are waterproof they still should not be brought into the shower or used in the pool during your laps.

The Quality:

If you are looking for earbuds that have great bass and treble then these are definitely where you should be looking. At the same time they are extremely clear and bring crisp sound and detail. Whether you are listening to podcasts, live videos, music or even taking a phone call you won’t miss a word when having these in your ears.

The 8mm dynamic drivers are larger than Apple AirPods by 3mm! The focus is on giving that extra space to the sound quality and not trying to jam in other features. Also they have two dual beam-forming microphones that reduce the background noise when you make calls so the person on the other end doesn’t get annoyed of traffic during rush hour or weights slamming at the gym. 

Battery Life:

With a 50mAh battery in each earbud you get roughly 6 hours of playtime and 90 hours of overall battery life which is definitely not something to look past. What helps you achieve maximum battery life is the 2200mAh lithium ion battery case. Connecting with a USB-C connection you are getting a full charge of the case from empty in about an hour and a half. 


With decades of experience in the audio and technology industry these are a home run. All-in-all these earbuds are seriously well thought out and very well made. If you decide to go out for a jog they will not fall out. If you decide to make a call, the person on the other end will hear you perfectly. If you decide to watch a movie, you will hear the conversation like it is happening in real time right next to you. 

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