Ryan Sprance Founder and Owner of Kaihatsu Media

This interview is with Ryan Sprance, founder and owner of Kaihatsu Media. He tells us in-depth about his journey and how he has created a highly successful media agency. 

Here is his $1 million revenue story!

“I was born in Queens New York. I was an awful student and barely graduated high school. I built a career in retail starting as a stock person working my way up to leading operations for over 500 T-Mobile stores. During my 20+ year career, I spent time in sales leadership, operations, finance, and logistics.

I started to use digital media and build a brand as a side hustle. At age 45, I was fired from my shitty corporate job (for having a side business). From that point forward I put all of my efforts into building my agency and was able to build our revenue from $1,000 a month to over $70,000 in recurring monthly revenue in 15 months. In 2019, we are on track to hit $1 million in sales. 

My company is called Kaihatsu Media. Kaihatsu means “to develop” in Japanese. Our goal is to develop brands, communities, relationships, and sales processes. While working as the head of the world’s largest Apple store in Grand Central Terminal New York City, I fell in love with the digital landscape.

I started to build my own men’s lifestyle media brand using a combination of Flipboard and later, Instagram. I was faced with a fork in the road and needed to determine if I wanted to lean toward being more of an influencer or building something larger and more sustainable.

I felt connected to the strategic aspect of developing and managing campaigns and decided that I wanted to build an agency to help brands understand the challenging digital media landscape.

100% of businesses need a digital media strategy and 98% of people do not understand it. This creates a unique opportunity to build something that adds value and fills a much-needed void. 

In order to push through revenue plateaus, you must invest in people. By the time people admit they need help, it is too late. By the time an entrepreneur admits it, they are at risk of losing their business altogether.

The sooner you realize that you need to learn to train, delegate and invest in people and resources, the sooner you will free yourself up to focus on building the business instead of managing the day to day issues that it presents.

It is a very hard transition to go from individual owner “consultant” to having an organization with multiple resources to support your clients. This past year I added a Chief Operating Officer, Director of Operations, Head of Technical Development and a Creative Director. 8 months ago I would have tried to do all these things on my own and failed miserably. 

All of our growth to date has come from client referrals or offering expanded services to our existing clients. The most important part of growth comes in the form of providing a service far above the expectation of your clients.

In order to scale beyond client referrals, brand building through content creation is a must. We are looking to provide more value and add content in written and audio form into 2020. 

In the future, we are building the most comprehensive and strategic digital agency focused on clients in the travel, tourism, hospitality, and entertainment space.

This month we are kicking off a merger of talent between Kaihatsu Media and 212 Group to form AWESTRUCK, an agency aiming to give clients a strong voice in today’s fast-moving digital landscape where influence and desirability can change in a flash.

The data harvesting technology used by 212 Group, coupled with the content marketing and social media strategy of Kaihatsu Media creates a powerful synergy resulting is significantly above the industry average return on ad spend for our clients.

Together, our combined teams will be able to provide a resort or entertainment client with an extremely strong digital footprint allowing them to surpass their competition. I was recently selected by Forbes to contribute as an expert in the Digital Media space.”

Ryan has taken his talents and ran with them, showing the proper courage it takes to leave comfort behind and start something new. We are excited to watch as Ryan and his company flourish to new heights over the next few years!

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