The Secret Technology Super Cars Are Using

Ever wondered how the super-exotic cars, like your Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Bugatti models, achieve that extremely wet-glossy Schmicko finish? Well, the secret lies within the paint protection they apply to the painted surface, in particular, a ceramic coating and/or graphene coating on top of the clear coat.

Chances are, if you have ever purchased a new vehicle from the car dealership, they may have asked if you wanted to upgrade into one of their paint protections packages. Although many use a synthetic sealant, very few would offer a ceramic coating. This nanotechnology contains Silicon Dioxide, which hardens upon contact and cures over time for a more intense gloss. A ceramic coating is popular for adding a layer of hardness protection, along with that showroom shine.

Now, it is true that you should have your car paint protection installed by a professional car detailer, simply because that is their specialty and most likely stock top of the range ceramic coatings. However, unlike your typical car dealership, we can almost guarantee that they would not stock a Graphene Coating. The newest technology to strike the super-luxury car care industry. Only a minute number of professional car detailers will offer Graphene Coatings as they are expensive to source and require a huge amount of attention to detail to apply.

This is why many of these exotic cars, will opt for the latest nanotechnology, a Graphene Coating, to protect their luxury car. It offers better durability and chemical resistance compared to the Ceramic Coating. Graphene is the wonder molecule that many Scientists are deeming as the next big discovery, due to its phenomenal tensile strength at such small dosages.

The way many of these luxury cars achieve this level of gloss, really boils down 2 main processes. The first being preparation and this includes a full exterior detail including a machine buff and polish to minimise any surface blemishes. By using a compound, the polisher can slightly sand down the surface tackling swirls marks and light scratches. In doing so, it promotes a cleaner and more flawless finish, whilst adding further colour depth to the paintwork. Once the paint is restored to the newest condition possible, it undergoes a session of applied car paint protection. This graphene coating will appear in a liquid form and harden over the week for complete finish.

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