The Shopify Of The Service Industry

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You probably heard about Shopify and how it powers over 500,000 e-commerce stores worldwide.

Well there is no surprise that someone would want to mimic the idea in a different industry.

BookingKoala is the Shopify of the service industry. Just like Shopify, BookingKoala allows you to launch your own service business in less than 60 seconds so if you want to launch a car washing service, a landscaping service or anything service related BookingKoala is your go to place.

BookingKoala originally was designed to scale a cleaning service to over $2,000,000 annually and after its success within less than 24 months and no investor money to back the company up, the founders knew their software was something that would change the industry and help the way you make money in todays competitive market.

Today BookingKoala was re-designed and can be used in 2 ways:

1. If you are an individual and are looking to launch a service type business  of any kind you can use the million dollar software to help you do that.

2. If you’re an existing business and you are looking to efficiently scale without the headaches or the heavy million dollar investment.

So what is so cool about BookingKoala?

Customer experience in any company is the most important part of your business. Without it you wouldn’t have a business. BookingKoala designed the software to help customers in various ways:



Using the smart scheduling system customers can book appointments online and depending on the settings you select when setting up your store your customers can even pick previous providers they had service with and avoid the ones that they had a bad experience with.

Online Pricing:

Online Pricing

When booking, a customer can see the price of the service right then and there without having to have to call or email you the merchant allowing you to save thousands in customer service fees.

Modifying Appointments:

Modifying Jobs

Customers can modify their appointments at any time. Say something came up which something always does, you can log in to your account and reschedule the service to any other available date.

Mobile APP:

You can do it all from your computer, tablet, or download the company app and have total control of your services at any time.


Invite Friends

Customers have built in referral features where they can earn points exact to the Uber give 25 get 25 in credits referral program.

What else?

The software is built to help you as the merchant save hundreds of thousands of dollars over time and also help you scale quickly with awesome built in features.

Smart Scheduling:

The smart scheduling system can read your providers availability and schedule jobs only if they fit during the working hours you set up for your providers. Its 100% accurate and involves no manual work such as other softwares like Google Calendar.



Built in reports to give you any metric you need to know when growing your business including things such as knowing how long a customer has been with you. On top of that you can narrow that down to see if a coupon is performing well.

Example: You post a coupon to attract visitors. Now someone books using that coupon. Later you type that coupon into the reports and it will pull up who booked with that coupon and how many appointments they had with you.


Email Notifications

Notifications have many different options. You can allow notifications to be sent via sms, email or even pop up as an app notification. There are promotional notifications that can be enabled, job reminders, payment reminders, and many more.

These are just a few quick features that are built into BookingKoala. If you are interested in learning more you can view them by clicking here.


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