Expensive But Good Quality Cleaning Services In NYC

With the quickly evolving internet, you can almost buy/order anything you want almost instantly. Then why hasn’t the service industry not yet caught up with this evolution? Well, the ones that have decided to take their service businesses online have seen the benefits. Below, we bring to you the expensive but good quality cleaning services based in the New York City area.

King of Maids

King of Maids headquartered in Chicago, Il has a name and slogan that exude class and quality. The motto is “Experience Royalty” and you can see it from the site and service. With that, they are one of the most highly rated cleaning services in the area. The focus is on easy, online booking so you can book your next cleaning in under 60 seconds. Do not be discouraged by the price because they have coupons when you share on Facebook with your friends and family! 


Handy, based out of New York City, caters to all your home service needs. In the beginning, they started with cleaning services and in a short amount of time grew the business to help all the needs of their supporters. Having the ability to book online, you can have someone in your home within 24 hours. From cleaning to mounting tv’s you can get almost any service on their website. 

Zen Home 

Zen Home cleaning service brings peace and tranquility to every home cleaning. Using their own all natural cleaning products they make sure that your home smells better than ever. Besides the standard services you can get a move in/out, green cleaning or even a post construction service. If you want the smells of lavender and lemongrass essential oils blissfully drifting throughout your residence then this should be your next call. 

New York’s Little Elves 

With Christmas coming only once a year, you do not have to wait until December to get your home cleaned from New York’s Little Elves. This multiple award winning cleaning service knows exactly how to take care of all your needs. Their cleaners go through “rigorous ongoing training to ensure that the highest quality standards are perfected and that your expectations are constantly exceeded.” If you are someone who prefers winter all year round, you might want to ask Santa’s little helpers to take care of your home!

My Clean

MyClean takes simplicity to the highest degree. Their motto explains it perfectly, “We clean. You relax.” If you are someone who doesn’t need anything fancy just for someone to come in and take care of your home don’t look any further! Their website is designed to cater to their simplistic method. The moment you land on the homepage you can place in your details and book! 

 That is all that we have for you in this post. We have written about some of the more expensive but great quality cleaning services in the New York City area. If you are moving, need a clean up after Christmas or just don’t want to tackle your own cleaning needs then stop by one of these companies sites. You will not regret your decision! 

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