Altug Aynur Owner of Jeuvenile Cosmetics

This interview is with Altug Aynur founder and owner of Jeuvenile Cosmetics. He explains to us his journey of how he got to $1.3 million in revenue in 9 months. 

Here is his $1 million revenue story!

“I am from Turkey, and I graduated from Boston University double majoring in Finance & Entrepreneurship. Afterward, I continued my education at Harvard University; so it is safe to say Boston is my second home. When I got back to Turkey, I started to work in our family business. After a while, I have started some online businesses and sold them over the years. I have over 6 years of experience in e-commerce businesses.

The name of my business is Jeuvenile Cosmetics. I started this company because I want to achieve something on my own instead of only working in our family business. I still serve as a board member in our family business. The reason I started a cosmetics business is that I saw a huge increase in demand in dermo-cosmetics sector over the years. I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to start my own business in this area since it’s growing rapidly. 

My biggest challenge was to raise awareness for my brand. Since my products are cosmetics products, people actually are very careful when they purchase a product from a cosmetics brand. I had to explain why my products are superior to my competitors. The first thing I did was to work with cosmetics bloggers to promote my products. Then I use billboards, digital marketing and lastly TV commercials to raise awareness for my brand. Afterward, I started selling my products to distributors as well, which increased my revenue rapidly.

As I explained earlier, the first thing I did was to work with over 200 cosmetics bloggers. We have sent them free products and also paid some of them to promote our products. Afterward, we have used digital channels like Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Criteo, affiliate marketing, etc to increase awareness for our products. Then we used billboards in big cities.  Our last strategy was to advertise on TV especially on TV shows which have a good rating. 

My goal is to export my products all over the world. We started to export in Europe and Africa. Soon we will have an agreement with a distributor in the USA. We started to join cosmetics fairs to connect with distributors all around the world. We expect 5 million dollars in revenue next year.”

As you can see from Altug’s story it is very possible to reach $1 million in revenue in one year’s time. It takes hard work, determination, and consistency to achieve this feat. 

The $1 million section of 1PRCNT is meant to showcase to everyone that there are plenty of entrepreneurs out in the business world creating 7 digit businesses within their first two years. Some do it even faster like Altug!

If you are an entrepreneur who has done $1 million in revenue in your first 24 months and have a story you would like to share then please feel free to email us and we would love to interview you! 

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