Annie Chopra Founder and Owner of She TheQueen

Annie Chopra, the founder, and owner of She TheQueen tells us in her interview about how she has created a business to empower women by using stories of other empowering women. Her goal is to make her digital media platform the go-to source for women. 

Here is her Under 25 story!

She TheQueen is a digital media platform with the aim to help women reclaim their power. We do so by collecting stories about women from all over the world and sharing them. Additionally, our content is specifically focused on inherent topics within each field. For example, when we speak on fashion, we speak about the women in fashion, the history behind trends (especially if these are empowering stories).

We also post on topics about letting go of society and the need to please the world. Furthermore, our website has “Single and Loving it” rather than a field for Dating, to help women who are single find relatable content and to remind them that happiness is not dependent on men. We publish a bimonthly digital magazine with a focus on female influencers from around the globe.

She TheQueen started around September of 2017 as a blog and IG account for women to discuss topics that were not socially acceptable, such as sexting/nudity, standards of beauty, etc. However, it was turned into a business a little over 1 year ago when I realized the impact we were making and how women and girls felt that they could really relate to our content.

The reason for starting She TheQueen was because I was a teenager with lots to talk about in terms of being a woman after being denied education in my own home country. I felt like women, in general, are denied a lot. I then began to scroll through social media and realized we are expected to be a lot too. Imagine, we can’t be anything but we should be everything.

She TheQueen was a way to remind women that we can be everything and anything we want to be. It was a reminder for young girls to ignore beauty standards and to embrace their true selves.

I didn’t know anything about business, but my very first challenge was not knowing anything about technology. I was always the one good with speaking, connecting and creating. Tech was never something I was good at. I had to create a functioning website with no information, going through YouTube tutorials because I didn’t want to use up money hiring people.

Then, I realized I knew nothing about business. The hardest obstacle was figuring it all out while everyone around me thought this was a phase. Even now, when I do earn a little from my business many relatives and friends think its a phase and that for real life you need degrees. Having naysayers while you are trying to build something from nothing is difficult.

I had no connections, I was only using my own money from internships I had done, and I was creating all the content. It has been difficult to establish myself in the media field, but little by little I have gotten to know people who love the brand and respect me.

We are working on a couple of different projects. We really want to launch a membership platform for girls to help them navigate through their teenage years, a place you can connect with older women and talk to them about your life and your future.

Additionally, we are currently working on our educational website that will provide a platform for young underprivileged girls from rural areas around the world to create content and to publish their thoughts while creating a stellar portfolio and resume for higher education and potentially jobs. We also want to get at least 10,000 IG followers and subscribers to our website within the next 12 months.”

Annie has tossed her fears aside and is passionate about creating a place where women can come to find inspiration and motivation. 

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