Expensive But Good Quality Cleaning Services In Houston

In the online world today, you can pretty much buy/order anything you want off of the internet. So how come the service industry has not yet caught up with the times? Well, the ones that have taken the initiative to take their service businesses online have benefited. Below, we talk about expensive but good quality cleaning services based in the Houston, TX area.

King of Maids

King of Maids headquartered in Chicago, IL stays true to its name and slogan. Their motto is “Experience Royalty” and you can see it by the prices. With that, they are one of the most highly rated and reliable cleaning services in the area. With instant, easy, online booking you can book your next service in under 60 seconds. Make sure to check them out when you are in need of your next cleaning! 


Handy, based out of New York City has expanded to all home service needs. Initially, they started with cleaning services and quickly grew themselves to help all the needs of their customers. With the ability to book online you can have someone at your home within the next day. From cleaning to furniture builds you can find pretty much anything on their website. 

HappyMaid Service

HappyMaid Service has bilingual cleaners that can take care of your home cleaning needs no matter what. You can set up one time cleans, move in/out cleans, and even weekly recurring cleanings. If you have a single family home or just renting out an apartment they have experienced maids ready to tackle whatever you need done! 

MoreHands Maid Service

MoreHands services Houston, Austin and Dallas, TX. With over 19 years in business they surely have the experience needed to clean anything. Family-owned and operated they have maintained their reputation for being of of the best in the industry. Don’t let the little cars fool you, they may be small but they sure do know how to take care of business. 


Tidy takes away any worries that you may have when it comes to your dirty home. Operating in many cities and states, they have the workforce to bring even the most dirty homes back to pristine conditions. They even have services to take on your AirBnb rentals after your customers leave. If you need someone to clean out your mess you may want to give them a try. 

Well there you guys have it. We have showcased some of the more expensive but great quality cleaning services in the Houston, TX area. If you are moving in or out, need a clean up after a party or are just too busy to take on your own cleaning needs then try giving one of these companies a shot. You will not be disappointed! 

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