Mr Olympia Men’s Physique Winners List Year By Year


The Mr. Olympia competition has been around since 1965. Since that time, men from all around the world have battled to win the coveted title. It was in 2013 that the first ever Mr. Olympia Physique division was introduced. Here is a list of all the winners year by year.

2013: Mark Anthony Wingson

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2014: Jeremy Buendia

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2015: Jeremy Buendia

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2016: Jeremy Buendia

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2017: Jeremy Buendia

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2018: Brandon Hendrickson

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After dominating in the sport for years, Jeremy Buendia has lost his title to Brandon Hendrickson in 2018. Every year is a tight race for first and Brandon has come close in the past. But, this was the year for him. Congratulations Brandon and everyone else who participated. Who was your favorite athlete at Olympia of all time?

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