Mr Olympia Men’s Physique Winners List Year By Year


The Mr. Olympia competition has been around since 1965. Since that time, men from all around the world have battled to win the coveted title. As time progressed they added more divisions as well as had females join in on the fun. It was in 2013 that the first-ever Mr. Olympia Physique division was introduced. Since then, only three men have shared the honor of being crowned champion. Here is our list of all the winners year by year.

2013: Mark Anthony Wingson

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With the first year of the men’s physique division, Mark Anthony Wingson took home first place. There were those who believed that Mark should not have placed in the top 5 and that the physiques of his competitors were far greater than his. Noting that his abs or other parts of his body did not come close to the others. We are not judges ourselves so we cannot say who was better than who but we do know that it takes a lot of hard work and determination to get to where these gentlemen did. The top five were as follows: 

  1. Mark Anthony Wingson
  2. Jeremy Buendia
  3. Matt Acton
  4. Sadik Hadzovic
  5. Jason Poston 

2014: Jeremy Buendia

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After coming in second place the year before, Jeremy Buendia came back and took first with an incredible physique. The judges were very impressed by his V-taper and his broad shoulders that only Sadik Hadzovic came close to. Another notable mention is that of Steve Cook, he placed in the top 5 moving from 8th to 5th. The field looked like it was going to be impressive and it definitely showed. The top five were as follows: 

  1. Jeremy Buendia
  2. Sadik Hadzovic
  3. Jason Poston
  4. Matt Acton
  5. Steve Cook 

2015: Jeremy Buendia

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After his big comeback win in 2014, Jeremy Buendia came into the 2015 year and left with another first place title. He showed the judges, competitors, as well as the fans that he has what it takes to be the champ. With Sadik at his heels the previous year he managed to keep him in second place for another year. The top five were as follows: 

  1. Jeremy Buendia
  2. Sadik Hadzovic
  3. Jason Poston
  4. Ryan Terry 
  5. Brandon Hendrickson 

2016: Jeremy Buendia

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For a third straight year, Jeremy had shown the bodybuilding world that he is the champion of the Physique division and that he will not go down without a fight. This year was a little different as Sadik was not in attendance. So who was there to try and take the champion down from his thrown? The top five were as follows: 

  1. Jeremy Buendia
  2. Ryan Terry
  3. Jeremy Potvin 
  4. Brandon Hendrickson 
  5. Andre Furgusson 

2017: Jeremy Buendia

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Four straight titles in five years, Jeremy Buendia had solidified that he is the best in the Physique division by far. It seems as though he has a secret formula for achieving his stupendous shape which can be taken down as hard work, sacrifice, and muscle memory. Whatever he does to get to this point, works, and he does not need to change a thing. But what if he does and wants to take it to the next level? Only time will tell. The top five were as follows:

  1. Jeremy Buendia
  2. Andre Ferguson
  3. Brandon Hendrickson
  4. Raymont Edmonds
  5. Jeremy Potvin 

2018: Brandon Hendrickson

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After dominating the sport for years, Jeremy Buendia lost his title to Brandon Hendrickson. Every year is a tight race for first and Brandon had come close in the past. But, this was the year for him. Everything about his physique was just right on the money and it showed. Knocking out a 4-time Physique champion is no easy feat but he did it. The top five were as follows:

  1. Brandon Hendrickson
  2. Raymont Edmonds
  3. Ryan Terry
  4. Jeremy Buendia
  5. Andre Ferguson


2019: Raymont Edmunds

In 2019, we saw a new champion crowned Mr. Olympia Physique winner, but he is not someone we haven’t heard of before. Raymont Edmunds took first place this year after coming in second place the previous year to Brandon Hendrickson. Coming in the top 5 since 2017, Raymont has worked hard and diligently to take the crown this year and rightfully so. The top five were as follows: 

  1. Raymont Edmunds
  2. Andre Ferguson
  3. Kyron Holden
  4. Brandon Hendrickson
  5. Ryan Terry

Year after year, battle after battle these guys come out and show what sacrifice, hard work, and determination is all about. Staying on crazy schedules, taking their supplements, staying on the right diets consistently and making sure they have the proper training gear is what sets them apart from the rest. 

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