Expensive But Good Quality Cleaning Services In Chicago

On the internet today you can almost buy anything and everything just from the click of the mouse. Why is it that the service industry doesn’t operate in the same way? Well the companies that take advantage of this intuitive and accessible way of doing business are the one’s who thrive. Below we talk about expensive but good quality cleaning services based in the Chicago, IL area that take advantage of this ease of access.

King of Maids

King of Maids which is based in Chicago, IL has created a name and slogan for the ages. With their catchphrase being “Experience Royalty” you already know what they are all about. On that note, King of Maids is one of the most respected services in the industry based on their hundreds of positive reviews. They created their own system for fast simple online booking that takes under a minute to get scheduled. Do not overlook this business when you are looking for your next cleaning. 


Handy, based out of New York City caters to basically all your home service needs. In the beginning, Handy mainly focused on cleaning services and in a short amount of time grew themselves to help all the needs of their customers. Their custom online booking form allows you to get scheduled with someone fairly quickly. With home cleaning to tv mounting you will get pretty much any home service on their website. 

Fresh Tech Maid

Fresh Tech Maid brings security, health and convenience all in one place. Their main focus is to use chemical free cleaning supplies to give you that extra sense of security. They also use a 12 step screening process for all of their cleaners, ensuring that you only get the best of the best. This cleaning service has been recognized by regional and national media outlets. If this sounds like something up your alley then give them a call! 

Master Green Cleaning

Master Green Cleaning has one thing on their mind and that is giving you the best green cleaning service in the Chicagoland area. If you need residential, commercial or corporate cleaning services then bring your attention over to them. They service the entire Chicagoland area and if you want just an estimate or are ready to book you can do both right on their homepage. 

Kate’s Cleaning Service

Kate’s Cleaning specializes in Airbnb, VRBO, and vacation rental cleaning in downtown Chicago. Whether you are an Airbnb guest or host you can hire them to take care of the mess that was left behind on your vacation. The difference between Kate’s and some of the other cleaning services is that they know where to look for things to clean that may get past the eye. So on your next stop in to Chicago make sure to give Kate’s a call to bring that rental back to life for the next guest! 

I don’t believe there is anything that we may have missed! We have brought to you some of the more expensive but great quality cleaning services in the Chicagoland area. If you are looking for green, corporate or even a vacation rental cleaning then you have your list to choose from. We are very confident that these services will give you exactly what you are looking for! 

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