4 Productivity Tips For Anyone Struggling

The people who run massive companies worldwide know one thing is truer than anything else. Time is precious. Knowing this, how do they manipulate it so they get more? They have basic rules that they go by. If you are struggling to be more productive and want to know how the top 1% do it then keep reading. 

Don’t be afraid to fail

The moment you start to embrace failure instead of looking at it as a death sentence, your work will improve tremendously. Failure gives better lessons than almost anything especially if you are open to it. You realize there is a mistake that you made at some point and that it was just the complete wrong direction that you took.

But that is the beautiful part because you know what you did wrong. When you understand that failing at whatever you are trying to achieve you are still learning then you won’t sacrifice your time worrying. This will result in your productivity to shift towards the better. 

Set tight but realistic deadlines

It’s easy to get things done for work when your boss says they need it done by a certain day. What about those smaller mundane things? Do they have an impact if they get done or not? Of course they do! Even if you don’t believe that it impacts you, you’re wrong. Imagine one small task does not get completed each day from Monday to Friday, by the weekend you will have an entire list of things that should have been done.

These are now preventing you from either completing other tasks or spending time relaxing. If you had given yourself a reasonable deadline to get all those done you would not be in this situation. Always remember that they must be reasonable as well. Giving yourself 3 days to change a burnt out light bulb is ridiculous. This is something that is on the same day list. At the same time you don’t want to give yourself 12 hours to start and finish a work project that should take several days to make sure its perfect. 

Take advantage of dead time

Does your drive to work/home take 30 minutes or more? During that time, instead of listening to music you can make any important phone calls. If you take the subway, you can use that time sending out any emails that you may have missed. Most people don’t think of using their dead time for getting more tasks done but as a way to divert their minds to something else. 

Dead time is not time that can be used to relax. It is time that is being used to either travel or time that is being spent while waiting for a much bigger task to become available. 

Pay for services to free up more time

If you are someone who despises cleaning and always pushes it off, then maybe you should look into a cleaning service to take care of that for you. Allowing for clothes to pile up, dishes to stack in the sink or dust bunnies to collect under the couch just creates a less desirable place to be in which leads to a less productive person. If you are a corporate worker in New York City and just do not have the time to get this done then Google can become your best friend! All you need to do is pull it up and type in cleaning services NYC and you will get a list of the best maid services in the area. 

Even if you are only buying the service once a month this is still going to help you to save more time in the long run. During that time you can work on other more important tasks!

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